MAGIC– something mysterious in the human world, but normal to Kilian and Jegor Lancaster. Two cousins that know the secret behind the curtain. Working as case investigators for the Royal Family in Icon, the magical equivalent to London in a world called New Born Kingdom. Magic exists and has always been there, just hidden from the human civilisation.

“Which side are you on when the revolution begins?”

Take a look and dive into a universe full of magic, monsters and mystery in a world full of diverse and LGBTQ+ characters. The revolution is just about to start. But which side are you on?

Welcome to the world of Revolution Series – Books and Beyond. A place where you can get inspired, be filled with joy or simply create your own ideas. Whether it’s the books, the music, the pictures, videos or any of the other projects we have created, feel free to have a look around. RevSeries goes beyond imagination, seeking ideas, dreams and raising our creators voices.





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