L. C. Hamilton is a 25 year old artist and writer, living in London. She started writing at the age of 12 and continued her writing since then. Throughout the years she created multiple stories, worlds and characters. With 14 years she started to write her first stories online, followed by years of education in the writing industry. 2019 she finished her Creative Writing Diploma with Centre of Excellence. Her first debut novel Revolution Blue was self-published in August 2019. Since then she has moved on to another publisher and is ready to Republish the first book, soon to be followed by the other books of the series.

“I wanted to find a home for my entire series. My rights, my team and the world I created come first. I have no interest in selling my creativity to publishers that might make me famous but change everything I have worked on. This is about passion and heart, not spotlight.”

Besides her book series, she also works on other projects and businesses, as well as running a Writers Blog where she publishes poetry, stories and everything she feels like talking about. Next to the Revolution Series Hamilton is also running Hotel Jekyll, a Pen and Paper game she wrote herself, making its debut in 2021 to the public, as well as two other book series which are yet to be announced.

“Atmosphere Press is the new publisher I found, who is now the home to Kilian, Jegor and Relayne. I am ready to tell their stories and give them the diversity they deserve and need.”


What gave you the idea for such an amazing story line? I started creating my first stories when I was just twelve years old, writing what was inside my head being inspired by Animes, books and whatever I was obsessed with at that time. The more I created stories, based on other fandoms, the more I wanted to write my own material. I started writing my own Prosa stories, some are still unfinished and will never see the light, but others were the first basis and creations that included some of the characters that you meet during the Revolution Series. I always wanted to write and publish a book, just like living in London it was one of my big goals. I remember the day when I got the first idea for Revolution. That day I started watching the TV Show Magicians and that was the moment the first spark of the idea came to me. It had to be about magic. While I had many other ideas planned for a book as well, I was always missing something until that moment. Magic was the choice for me, I had been growing up with so many magic related things and after all I knew, if I wanted to tell a story it had to be something that would give people hope, something where they could see themselves in and relate to the stories I would tell. Everything you find in the Series is not just fictional, these characters deal with the same problems, like we do in our world. That was always the most important thing for me, to tell something by heart.

Were you inspired by real people to create the characters in the book? Yes, some people in real life influenced my characters, others are completely from my imagination.

Who is your favourite character? This is a really hard one for me, as a creator I love all of them more or less for certain things they do or they don’t. But when it comes to writing Relayne and Jegor are two of my main favourites. Both of them have storyparts that got inspiration from events I have been through myself. Of course I do love Kilian as well, but he is very exhausting to write sometimes, since he is one of the most conflicted characters I have created for this story. Pressure is the right word when it comes to him. Besides the main three I do love Alicia and Flynn, as well as a few more characters that you haven’t met yet. I don’t want to give away too much, but there are two bad guys coming, who I absolutely adore, as well as the whole story arch around Rose and who he is connected to.

Is there any truth behind the story? Yes, many. With some truths its easy to find out, with others its more hidden. Each character has a truth/inspiration in their own storyline coming from events/moments/things that happened in my life or I have seen. Every piece of my fiction includes a little bit of truth.

What (or who) inspired you while writing? The list is long. My inspiration never stops. I get inspired every day, but I think the biggest inspiration after all is music. There is nothing more that motivates me when it comes to writing, sometimes it can be one line from a song and I get a whole scenario in my head. Other than that I read a lot, watch a lot of movies and TV Shows or go to a lot of concerts. Sometimes the stories and moments that happen around these concerts, give me ideas and inspire me as well as travelling to new places that I explore. This starts with finding a new store around the area I live.

Did you always know where you wanted the story end up? Yes and No. By now I have planned most of the structure that will lead to the next part of the story, but I always leave gaps open for new ideas, characters or situations I have never thought about before. When I started writing Revolution Blue I wanted Relayne to be the only main character, but then I got bored of the idea to just have one female lead, when a trio works so much better for me in this kind of concept.

Are the monsters in the book monsters that scared you when you were little? Some of them are, not only when I was little. I grew up with a bright imagination, used to sleep walk, having rough nights when the moon was full and every day I used to remember what happened in my dreams. Some of these dreams brought monsters with them. When I was younger it mostly scared me, but the more I grew up the more I got used to dealing with these monsters coming from my imagination. Acer is one of the monsters I used to see when I was dealing with bad panic attacks, back in the days of me teenage hood, triggered by certain events. At some point, probably the moment I started creating this universe, I took my dreams and anxiety as advantage and used it to create these monsters. I still dream a lot, which always gives me an opportunity to create something new out of it.

Favourite Area? The Doom. I think this is one of the darkest and coolest places I have created. Everything screams Black Magic in this district and the rate of monsters is very high. My other favourite part is the city called Madness and inspired by Manchester. The next book in the series will give more away about this city and place but compared to Icon, Madness is the real magical place where crazy things happen.

Did you have an ending in your head that changed whilst the writing process? I have an ending in my head but as I have mentioned before, I leave gaps to be flexible. Basically no one is save.

How many books do you think there will be? The thing with my universe is, that there is so much more to tell than just one fine storyline. I just have to make my mind up, which character gets the chance to have their own story. So far in the main series I have planned three books, excluding the side books I have planned. Revolution Series also has a sister series called Oleander Chronicles now. As you see, me and my team always extend. Our universe is beyond and sets no limits. Soon we will release more books, videos, a podcast and whatever comes from our imagination.

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