Reborn Island is the second wave of countries that the first magicians created. The aim for these countries were to extend the places for people and population beyond Old Island. Nowadays Reborn Island is split into three big parts.

The heart of Reborn Island is the place that is most modern-media driven while Vanca Mia and Carnival Magika are similar to Old Island. The capital city is the same as the country, so called New Wing.


Vanca Mia is the north of Reborn Island. Dianna is the capital city. Beyond the capital city four other bigger cities exist called Madi, Madana and the sister cities Acadia and Incadia. In between a lot of villages exist. These villages all fall under one of the cities and count as one region together. Vanca Mia is well-known to be one of the coldest continents around New Born Kingdom.


Is the smallest city in Vanca Mia.


Is the biggest city in Vanca Mia after Dianna.


Is the sister city to Incadia


Is the sister city to Acadia.


Dianna is the capital city of Vanca Mia.


New Wing is the heart of Reborn Island. The country carries the same name as the capital city of Reborn Island. Connected to New Wing are three other parts called New Media, New Born and New Sea. In each part two big cities exist with a lot of landscapes and villages in between.

New Wing

New Wing is the part that carries the capital city with the same name. The other big city in this part is called Numeric. Both cities are very technology driven and barely any ways of old magic exist.


New Media is the part that is known for the big cities called Quantum and Scenecio.


New Born is the part that is known for the cities called Fairfax and Foxgrove


New Sea is the part that I known for the cities called Masiea and Orkado


Carnival Magika is the south of Reborn Island and one of the biggest places where old magicians find their heart and home. It has three capital cities called Andur, Evelton and Kainten. Kainten is the capital city of Carnival Magika. The south of Reborn Island is well-known for its giant deserts and landscapes that lead to the unknown. The record of Carnival Magika is unclear to this day when it comes to counting villages in between the cities.


Is the city well-known for it’s biggest magical market all around New Born Kingdom.


Is the capital city and heart of Carnival Magika.


Is the smallest city in Carnival Magika

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