The world of Revolution wouldn’t exist, without the help of my amazing, creative workers. Meet the team behind the scenes and see what happened, during the process of Revolution Blue

L.C. Hamilton


L. C. HAMILTON King Charles & and many more nicknames given. Born and raised in Germany, a village near Hamburg. Moved to London with 20 the first time and returned there after a two years education of a Creative Arts School, followed by a Creative Writing Diploma in 2019. Constantly in two worlds, one for the characters, the other somewhat trying to deal with real life. Between festivals, gigs, theatre and traveling. Highly creative at all times, sometimes for the misery of my team, when I just throw things at them. Never really resting and if so, somewhere in the world of music and poetry.

Living with my characters every day makes me to a CHAOTIC WRITER that can never really decide which step she takes next. REV is just one universe inside my head, but the one that has gotten so close to my heart, that I couldn’t imagine my life without it anymore. All these characters deserve their stories to be told and written down. They are like you and me, going through the same emotional paths we all have to face one or another. Whether it is the relevance of LGBTQ+ related topics and the question who they are or facing evil in all kind of forms. It is a diverse emotional rollercoaster trip, but one I truly enjoy. I can’t thank my team enough for all their help and the people that have showed nothing but love to this universe.


ABBYLL IMAGINEER. An Original Düsseldorf kid. Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Unit Stills & Key Visual Images for Film Productions & Artists. Head of Unit Stills Departement for Haus Kummerveldt. Image Editor with Vogue Published advertorials. PORTFOLIO INSTAGRAM & BEHANCE

TEAM BAELFIRE FOREVER. I would totally punch Kilian Lancaster in the face.

I know all the secrets and plots in the REV universe. (Don’t ask, I already forgot half of it) My Job is texting Lola ideas in the middle of the night. Also being her wingman, bitchslap coordinator and personal asisstant for world dominance manifestation. I´m pretending to sit in a Loft and make a busy Head of Creative Team face. I also tag her characters in stupid videos and send memes.


SM Our Multi talented poly-glot management from Düsseldorf. working in the darkroom of the Revolution. Rocksolid proof that magic and connections in the universe exist. Globetrotter connecting us to people all over the world and beyond. Has worked for some BIG international companies but came back to Düsseldorf because hometown is just the best place.






MARIANA FEREIRA Please feel free to let people know how much I LOVE KILIAN and that I am a FEELING INSTAGRAM



MIKA Hobby writer studying to be a TEACHER (English/History), half decent editor – perks of editing? GETTING STUFF EARLY – like Rev Blue and knowing all the awesome things going on before everyone else. Always here for older mentor characters aka THE LANCASTER BROS. TWITTER

CRAIG I am a Film and TV graduate who has dabbled in a lot of different things. A big focus of mine recently has been my work in ENTERTAINEMENT JOURNALISM That’s why I’ve offered my editing/writing skills to this amazing project. The reason I love this project so much is that I know the person making it has poured every bit of themselves into it. I am in awe of PEOPLES CREATIVITY so being able to witness one of my best friends projects develop so much has been a true blessing. It’s been an honour to have been allowed to join in this journey. I can’t wait to see where it goes! TWITTER & INSTAGRAM & ARTICLES

JESSIE Editor and Author. Currently living in Hanover, Germany, and finishing my studies in German and English philology. I love to read and dig deep into new stories to make them shine. I am already so excited to be part of this journey! INSTAGRAM


KATIE FLEETWOOD event manager and streamer INSTAGRAM TWITTER

CATHI I am Buyer for out of Home and TV advertising at a media agency. I am 23 years old and from Germany.
when I started reading the book I immediately fell in love with the story and the whole concept of it. Also If I really love a book I won’t stop reading it until I am done with it and this happened here. I love the diversity of every character and how the author includes so many different parts of society which are so important to be portrayed. I am very excited to see how the story continues. INSTAGRAM TWITTER


ALEXANDER ROSE Self taught PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER working for over 2 years now. Lola’s creativity shines in her work, I will never reject working with her or reading her work. Collaboration of Relayne’s Photoshoot INSTAGRAM

ALICIA SENOU Voice of Kalimba. I’m an ACTRESS, I love TV and film, books, manga, anime… everything fiction related really (and non-fiction!).

As for Revolution Blue, I love the fact that it takes place in its OWN UNIVERSE. I find that absolutely amazing and every character is so singular and truly adds something to the story. But personally… I’m a CARLIN stan. On that note, I’ll let you discover the rest by yourself NSTAGRAM & TWITTER & BACKSTAGE & DAISIE

LEON OTTE Artworker and Collaborator of the Monsters of IconArtworker and Collaborator of the Monsters of Icon


LISA I’m a little person with an unlimited passion for manga and anime, I love to draw, read and write and I TRANSLATE THINGS.
Working on Revolution Blue is an amazing experience and I hope you all can enjoy the story and the characters as I did. My interest I would say goes to Jegor. I love his lifestyle and I would need some of his patience WEBSITE & INSTAGRAM

SARA I’m just a person who was born to be creative. I have been writing stories ever since I could, reading stories in both English and German, writing in both languages. Currently I am studying ENGLISH LITERATURE in Göttingen, Germany and thinking of new ideas and ways to let my creativity flow. Working on the Rev series gives me the opportunity to work in translation, which has been one of my goals for years. I am blown away by the passion and hard work that has flown into this project so far, and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me, and us. INSTAGRAM


VEE I know, I know, you all want the boring details: 25 years old, from Austria, yes, Vee is just a nickname, not very tall – okay, I’m pretty short, happy? – and I studied ACTING IN VIENNA. The past two years I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a lot and learned plenty thanks to it. I lived in LONDON for 10 month as an Au Pair and took my free time to visit workshops in Voice Over, Motion Capture and Stage Combat. Before that I brought my self-written, self-produced theatre play to the EDINBURG FRINGE FESTIVAL after performing it in Vienna. This year I’ve come to properly live in London as a flatmate to this wonderful author here. I love TTRPGs, playing loads of Dungeons&Dragons and spend lots of my free time training with Silver Sabers Combat Academy.

Rev Series has so much potential as a world as I got to experience when playing the first game of BlueInk! Magicians trying to lead somewhat normal lives (as much as that is possible with their abilities and as a human being) being dragged into chaotic circumstances and interacting with the characters from the book series is just pure delight. Not to mention how great it is to have diverse and open minded characters in big amounts rather than in small doses as usual. It’s worth following the story of the characters presented to you, but it also offers the possibility of being creative and throwing your own creations into a fascinating world. INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE & SOUNDCLOUD



HANNAH WHYMAN is an actor, writer and improviser from North Yorkshire, England. She has worked on a variety of theatre productions with companies such as Charlotte Productions: National Loaf (2014, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Fourth Monkey Theatre Company: Grimm Tales (2015, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) Much Ado About Nothing (2015), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015), Sewing Circles (2017) Artist’s Theatre School: Nell Gwynn (2018) In the past few years, she has also worked on a variety of different shows and performances in her own theatre company, The UnDisposables, where she also wrote, produced and starred in her own first full length play, Retail Therapy (2018).
Most recently she has taken to sketch and Improv comedy, writing and performing in her own sketches and starting up a brand new, all female Meisner based Improv group. She had also been lending her voice to the South Tees Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Department by reading stories for children.
She is a huge fan of Revseries and is so excited to be working on the Podcast Team and can’t wait for you all to see what they’ve been creating.
Personal Comments: Kilian Lancaster is Bae. TWITTER SPOTLIGHT


Video Editors SHENAYA Instagram & MIKEY Instagram

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