Sea Island is the continent that carries Reaf Sea Magika Bay and Syborn Tale. It was the fourth continent created in the system of New Born Kingdom. Both countries of the continent are the biggest known for places by the ocean and living near by the water. Wavimigka is the capital city of Sea Island, in the heart of Reaf Sea Magika Bay.


Is the country with two cities only. Wavimigka the capital city and Otole are the two cities. Everything around and in between is a living style of villages, houses in the middle of nowhere and lots of houses, tents and other magical accommodations by the sea. It is the least urban place in New Born Kingdom and magician’s who live here are usually driven and connected by the Elements.


Is the capital city in Reaf Sea Magika Bay.


Is the other, but much smaller city in Reaf Sea Magika Bay.


Is the second part of Sea Island. The capial city is Larima. The other two big cities are Tarilam and Astairam. It is well-known for it’s beaches and sea side. Larima is said to be one of the cities that everyone should see in their life.


Is the capital city of Syborn Tale.


Is the second biggest city of Syborn Tale


Is the smallest city of Syborn Tale.

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