L.C. Hamilton gives you a look into the teamwork and answers your questions to understand the creative collective better.

We want to show the world that it is possible to create together

What does Creative Collective stand for? The bigger word for the team. All together we are artists and creators in different crafts. We come together to create and raise our voices through our crafts. Collectively we create amazing projects and show what we have to say in whatever form we feel like.

When did you start to create your team? Right after I brought out the first version of Revolution Blue I started to look for people who wanted to creatively work with me. Back then we were around five people. Abbyll was the first person that believed in me and saw my vision. In February 2019 I had a collective of people together that needed a room to discuss things with. So I started to create a space where all of us could communicate together. Since then we had up and downs within the collective. But I am thankful for each and everyone who has been part of this journey so far. At this very moment we are 17 people all together working hand in hand. I have never seen such a strong alignment on a freelancing believing basis in something much bigger than they might see coming at the moment. There is not a day where I am not blessed by the people sticking to my side who are on this journey with me.

Do you work in different departments? Yes we do. Further information can be found on the REV COLLECTIVE section on this website. The reason for that is simply that each craft deserves its own space. If we would all sit at the same table there would be too much energies to clash. We as a collective come together for the big meetings and news but when it comes to working on the individual projects, each of us has their own space and place. Each of my team members is equally important to me.

How is the working process with the team? Amazing. Sometimes its honestly hard to put into words. It’s hard to see through my eyes cause my creative imagination goes beyond and above. That can be very wild for some of my team members. But each individual process where we work side by side in the different departments has been amazing so far. It’s a back and forth between me and my creatives. Like throwing an energy ball back and forth. I pitch ideas, they pitch me ideas, sometimes I have days where all departments come to me. That is mostly after the excitement of the last collective meeting. My team never fails to amaze me when it comes to creating things together.

I am excited to give my creative workers the spotlight and presentation they deserve.

Do you want to extend your team in the future? Of course. I started with a small hand of people around me. And now look where we are now. I have big plans. Revolution Series has no limits when it comes to creative expression. I am always looking for new artists to work with. At the moment we are just working hand in hand as a strong collective together. But the moment we go big, and we will, I am excited to give my creative workers the spotlight and presentation they deserve. This is just the beginning and I think my team agrees when I say that we are all ready to go bigger and brighter with our imagination and what it has to show.

Is there a message you want to give the people out there? There are so many messages that it’s hard to say that we are just one thing. But the big overall outcome is that we as a collective want to show people that creativity is a big part of out every day life’s and that we literally started from scratch. We want to show the world that it is possible to create together even though we are all coming from different backgrounds and histories of being rejected and avoided by the mass media and industries we all work in. If you believe it you can do it. Revolution Series is a place for inspiration and imagination and I truly hope that people get inspired and take the hope that me and my team spread in the future.

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