You can take my wings, but you can’t take what’s anchored inside of me.

Diagnosed with a mental illness Lynn Oleander had never questioned her parents and the medicine she had been taken. Until her 21st birthday hits and one hot moment of kissing her best friends turns into making out with a ghost. The death of Aurelia turns out to be the domino of a dark secret that her parents have been hiding all along. Lynn is a magician, connected with demon blood of no other fallen angel than Lucifer. After the shock of her birthday, things begin to unfold and soon Lynn has to say goodbye to her old life. Escorted by two demon magician’s named Loveday and Jupiter Lynn takes on the journey to Omen Manor – the place between worlds. But the moment she becomes part of the system, Lynn realises that the hidden secret of her parents, were just the beginning of the madness Lynn has to face.

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